Nvidia boss disappointed by Microsoft Windows RT

Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system (OS) is “disappointing”, according to the chief executive officer of chipmaker Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang.

Speaking at the GPU Technology Conference yesterday (March 19th), the expert claimed he expected to see more from the platform than the industry has done so far.

He stated “everybody” – in reference to firms like Samsung, which launched its Ativ Tab with Windows RT – had banked on the OS performing better.

However, Mr Huang also said he believes Microsoft will ultimately get the software right and thinks the company will continue to invest in it despite the poor sales, adding: “There are a large number of devices (that could run Windows RT).”

The IT giant could boost sales of the OS by making it compatible for use with Outlook, with the Nvidia boss suggesting this is likely to make it more attractive to consumers.

Developers and designers are currently flocking to the GPU Conference – taking place in San Jose, California throughout this week – for insights into the latest breakthroughs in the technology industry and content in GPU-enabled applications.