New Intel processor to offer 50 per cent battery life increase

Intel’s upcoming set of Core processors will increase laptop battery life by more than 50 per cent.
While previous processors made for laptops and tablets by the manufacturer were normally scaled down from PC versions, the new ‘Haswell’ model was developed with mobile devices in mind.
Additionally, the new units offer increased idle mode efficiency, with laptops and tablets in standby mode expected to have around 20-times more battery life.
The new chips achieve these ultra-low power consumption levels because of a new on-chip power management unit which dynamically adjusts the amount of voltage used in various parts of the processor.
Intel’s renewed focus on tablets and laptops comes as the PC market continues to shrink among casual consumers, with the large units appearing unattractive to customers who increasingly value mobility and ease of use over power and display size.
Mobile devices, on the other hand, have skyrocketed in popularity, partly due Apple’s investment in the iPad platform.
It is expected the new tech will be unveiled at the Taipei Computex trade show, which will take place in the Taiwanese capital this June.