Google launches automatic voice search

Google has released an automatic voice search feature which is available through Chrome for laptops and PCs.

Providing the computer has a microphone installed, users need to say ‘OK Google’ and then say their search term or question.

The browser extension, known as Google Voice Search Hotword, is available to download for free from Chrome Web Store for both desktop and laptop computers.

Examples were given such as “OK Google, what is five tablespoons in ounces?” so users can find the answer hands-free while cooking, and it can also set reminders such as “remind me to buy more olive oil on Sunday afternoon”.

When the concept was first announced, Google’s senior vice-president Amit Singhal said that the function was so natural that it was “pretty much like you would ask a friend”, according to PC Advisor.

When the microphone appears emboldened in the search function, users will know that the feature is working and ready to use. To avoid any eavesdropping problems and conserve battery life for laptops, the function will stop listening five minutes after the last command has been issued.