Fujitsu announces palm reading laptop

Fujitsu has announced its new laptop, the Celsius H730 Enterprise Laptop.

The H730 includes palm-reading technology – called PalmSecure – as a security feature for users as opposed to entering a password to log in. The owner is able to unlock the device by hovering their palm over a sensor to confirm personal authentication, without making any physical contact. The software detects unique vein patterns beneath the skin to confirm user identity.

The laptop weighs 2.9 kg and has a 15.6-inch screen. It comes with Intel’s fourth generation Haswell Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM and measures 24.8mm at its thinnest point.

Three USB points are offered, as is a spill-resistant keyboard to protect against any water or physical damage. Furthermore, the Celsius H730 features integrated WLAN, 3G and Bluetooth, with 4G available as an optional extra.

Fujitsu claim that the laptop is made from a “high-class design made from metallic elements on its shell and palm rest”.

According to TechRadar, the laptop will go on sale for €1,599 (£1,322) via Fujitsu’s channel partners.