Nokia unveil new phablets and tablets in Abu Dhabi


Nokia have finally entered the tablet market with their Windows RT tablet, which features a 4G data chip unlike Microsoft’s tablet – Surface 2. Nokia have accompanied the release of the Windows RT tablet with the release of two phablets – extra-large phones.

Nokia world is considered as the last major event held by Nokia before it completes the sale of its hardware unit with Microsoft which should be finished by mid-2014.

Both the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 include a 6inch display (remember the iPad Mini Retina display includes a 7.9inch display). The extra space will make it easier for users to use the screen and keyboard.

Nokia have also included another new app named Refocus which allows users to pick which area of the photograph they want in focus.

The Lumia 2520 tablet is the first Windows RT tablet made by a manufacturer other than Microsoft. The ARM-based chip ensures it provides a longer battery life in comparison to the full Windows 8 system running on tablets powered by x86 processors. However, this comes at a cost of not being able to run as many apps. Yet, a great piece of news is that Nokia’s tablet includes the option of a 4G sim card.