The iPad Air and iPad Mini quick guide


The iPhone 5S brought a storm of rumours and was finally released only last month. As expected, Apple have followed up the release of their latest iPhone with the unveiling of their new range of iPads.

The iPad Air is a redesigned, thinner and lighter version of its predecessor. The iPad Mini resembles much of its predecessor but the major difference is the latest version includes Retina display.

The iPad Air is relatively similar to the iPad (late 2012). The biggest difference is that the iPad Air is 183g lighter and features a 64bit Apple A7 with M7 motion co-processor.

The iPad Mini with retina display is evidently better in terms of display in comparison to its predecessor and the fact that the latest version includes a 64bit Apple A7 with M7 motion co-processor. In actual fact the newer version, the iPad Mini with Retina Display, is actually 23g’s heavier.

In short, Apple have released new products to feature as their latest and most innovative ideas yet but its seems that Apple are running out of ideas. As is evident the products are simply modified in the slightest and rebranded before being released with an unjustified price tag.