Phonebloks: The Lego phone you can build yourself

Hakkens, a Dutch designer has created a brand new mobile phone concept which is inspired by Lego. The concept allows users to choose from a range of components. The novel aspect is that users can then replace and upgrade each individual part when they deem necessary.

The concept has attracted huge interest online. However, it is still just a concept and has not yet become a reality. Here at we believe that this could very well become the future. Instead of having to upgrade or purchase a brand new phone each and every time there’s an upgrade users can choose to upgrade just the component which will benefit themselves.

For instance, instead of having to upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S in order to have a faster processor the mobile phone user could simply buy the processor component. Another way it would benefit phone users is that they can purchase the components which will benefit them the most. In short, the concept is hugely beneficial for the customer rather than the manufacturer.

On the other hand, it would decrease the number of mobile phones that are thrown away and would also decrease the environmental cost of making handsets including mining for components.

This concept would not take away from the current mobile phone industry in any way. However, it would create the novelty for users to purchase and create their own tailor-made mobile phone.

However, the concept is centred around a backplate which houses phone like pieces of lego. This means the design is incredibly square and unattractive.

The response Hakkens received from Thunderclap was phenomenal. Hakkens expected 500 people to sign up. However, in three days he amassed 950,000 Thunderclap supporters.