Dell works to resolve cat urine complaints

Dell has moved to address complaints that one of its laptops smelled like cat urine by offering users a replacement model.

The hardware manufacturer had been inundated with queries as to how owners of the Latitude E6430u laptop could stop their device smelling of the strong odour.

Originally, the company responded by suggesting the computer was cleaned using a soft cloth and, when that did not work, to try using compressed air to clean the device.

However, as the number of complaints continued to fill the firm’s troubleshooting forums it appeared as though the smell was originating from the palm rest.

Some users contacted the company to say that they were embarrassed to use the laptop at work, while others had considered taking their feline to the vet.

Dell issued two statements – the first in August and the second earlier in October – to reiterate that the smell was in fact caused by a “manufacturing process” and that “biological contamination was not suspected”.

According to the company, the issue has now been resolved and future models will not suffer from the same problem.

Dell has now apologised and offered every person who bought the original product a replacement laptop.