Binatone captures market imagination with retro phone

 Binatone’s new offering might not be able to stand up to the newly released iPhone 5S, but it will impress hipsters and trendy-types alike with its cool retro chic.
The new gadget is, essentially, a 1990s brick phone brought up-to-date with an amazing build quality and a modern battery life.
 While new smartphones can boast a battery life of around a day, the Binatone Brick can last for around three months on standby and this is because it barely has any features other than being able to make and receive calls.
 However, this little (well … big actually) gadget harks back to the past in almost every way – it does come with a stunning, colourful display that will tell you all you really need to know: the date, time, your signal strength and menu options.
 Commenting on their invention, Binatone said: “The Brick is simple, it’s bulky, it’s comfy. It turns heads at every party. Inspired from the early days of mobile phones, The Brick was created as the first retro mobile phone ever.”
 Look out for this state-of-the-art gadget, coming to a house party near you!