New iPhone 5S hacked by German group

Apple’s new iPhone 5S, which has sold out at most UK retailers, has been hacked into by a German computer intelligence group.

Security experts at the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) successfully bypassed the fingerprint security system on the device’s TouchID system.

The group was able to do this by taking a high-resolution photograph of the digit used for the safeguard and then reprint it with thick toner on a transparent piece of glass, where it was pressured down with white wood glue.

If this was then pressed against the reader, it registered as a valid biometric ID and bypassed security protocols.

Frank Rieger, spokesperson for CCC, said: “We hope that this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics. It is plain stupid to use something that you cannot change and … leave everywhere every day as a security token.”

Apple have not responded to the allegations its flagship smartphone has been hacked into, but the convoluted nature of CCC’s hack will mean the vast majority of users’ data will remain safe for the time being.