Nottinghamshire students to benefit from new internet system

Students at Manor Academy in Park Hall Road, Nottinghamshire, will benefit from a £500,000 investment into Wi-Fi technology.

The new system was fitted over the summer break in conjunction with “technology” giants Hewlett Packard and Cisco Meraki, according to the Hucknall Dispatch.

While a number of educational establishments have struggled to get their IT systems up-to-date, this Nottinghamshire school has ploughed ahead with substantial structural changes that will mean students will be able to use their “laptops” and tablets wirelessly.

Paul Croot, e-business manager at the academy, told the Dispatch: “With the explosion of mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones, we needed a network that would support all students being able to use mobile technologies simultaneously and in a secure and reliable way.”

However, some questions may be raised over the size of the bill. More than £500,000 has been slashed from other areas of the school’s budgets to allow for the changes and this is partly due to consultancy costs paid to Kelway – an international IT company.