Dell has introduced its new touchscreen “laptop” – the 11.6-inch Inspiron 11

The new device will be aimed at the budget end of the market and will start in the US at $349 (£217), but it is unclear if the “hybrid” will make it to the UK market because of the number of other similarly priced options.
 With an average running time of eight hours on a single battery charge, the Windows 8.1-equipped tech is likely to be popular among college and university students – especially as it comes ready-made with Microsoft Office.
 Although tablets are becoming increasingly popular in both the UK and US markets, “laptops” are still seen as desirable by people looking for a word processing solution to their mobility needs, as tablets are not currently accurate enough to fulfill this requirement.
 One of the other main features of the new Inspiron 11 is the Gorilla Glass screen, which is substantially harder to break and is perfect for users that are used to dropping their devices or have kids around their tech regularly.