Toshiba release a slate of new products

Japanese “technology” manufacturer Toshiba has unveiled a slate of new products aimed at the European market.

The electronics company revealed the new devices as part of the IFA 2013 conference in Berlin, Germany, which has seen most of the biggest “tech” companies in the world fight it out for the spotlight.

One of the most exciting announcements from Toshiba was that it will release its Ultra HD 4k televisions in Europe – with 58, 65 and 84 inch models on display at the show.

The manufacturer also said it will make a new 13.3 inch detachable notebook “laptop” – integrating a keyboard and tablet – available to consumers in the continent. Officials at the firm predict the device will come out this autumn.

Also announced is the industry’s first USB and micro USB adapters that will come equipped with TransferJet, which allows the high-speed transfer of data wirelessly, in a similar fashion to the way infared used to work on mobile phones.