iPhone 5S release date, rumours and news

10/09/2013, 2:45PMRight now the Apple store is down and it is expected that Apple’s Tim Cook shall be offically unveiling iOS7 alongside two new devices by 6PM BST. Stay in tune for more!


10/09/2013, 2:27PM

It is pretty much 110% confirmed that the iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint sensor but besides doing what it says on the tin will a fingerprint sensor benefit users?

Well quite simply is could spell the end of passwords. A fingerprint sensor would make hacking into smartphones alot harder. However, there are always ways of getting round the sofware.

More importantly, with the latest NSA scandal do you really want to allow your iPhone to take record of your fingerprint? A number of questions have been raised by the inclusion of fingerprint technology.

Even though the innovative technology is being put to limited use in the iPhone 5S it is certainly the start of alternative methods to secure technology. Remember, there’s also biometric authentication and Iris scanning. However, the technology has not quite been perfected to fit into a device as small as an iPhone.


Finally we can present the world with the offical release date of the iPhone 5s, well maybe we can’t, but we can certainly confirm Apple are holding a conference in Cupertino, California on September 10th. It is believed that the technology giant will unveil the iPhone 5S and, due to the colourful background of the Apple invite, Apple may introduce the iPhone 5C to the world.


As usual with Apple we will never quite know until they confirm or deny the rumours at the coming conference. However, analysts comment that Apple needs a cheaper phone to encourage growth in markets like China and India.


We can certainly confirm that Apple will be releasing two products in the next week or so. Why? Well shops are being told by Apple to prepare for three products which shall arrive at two seperate times.

Our guess is that Apple will wish to continue to push the iPhone 5 and the other two products will (most likely) be the iPhone 5S, faster and slightly better than the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C, a cheaper iPhone avaliable in a number of different colours.

On the other hand there is speculation that the three products that retailers are being asked to display is the new iPhone 5S as well as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5S apparently coming in a gold colour option.

Even though Apple have not yet sent out invitations to any press conference it is widely specualted to take place at some point next week, most probably on the 10th September 2013.

However, even the speculation surrounding the iPhone 5C, a cheaper smartphone, has been dashed as Apple’s head of marketing told a Chinese newspaper that cheap smartphones will never be the future of Apple’s products.

All that we know is bear with us and we will provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the next generation Apple iPhone.


It seems rather likely that the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C shall be launched on September 20th, 2013. This suggestions comes about after TmoNews stated that US T-Mobile employees were forbidden to go on holiday from 20th September, 2013-22nd September 2013. However, the devices will be unveiled to the world on 10th September at a special media event.

One of the biggest iRumours to have come out of the iRumour mill is the iPhone 5C, a more affordable iPhone to compete with cheaper smartphones on the market.
To add further credence to the suggestion that Apple are set to release a low-cost iPhone a few leaked images from China appear to show the low-cost smartphone in a shade of pink. The images are courtesy of Chinese site iApps.im, which also posted images of iPhones in blue and yellow.
It is highly expected that the iPhone 5C will be unveiled on 10th September 2013, alongside a more expensive iPhone 5S which could include finger-print detection.
However, an important note to remember is that even though the iPhone 5C is suggested to be a cheap iPhone it is expected to cost between £300-£350.


The technology the iPhone 5S will include is getting more advanced and futuristic than ever before. The new piece of information to come through the door of laptops.co.uk HQ is that the iPhone 5S will include technology that tracks eye movement.

This may very well be part of the iPhone’s camera package to keep track of individuals eyes to ensure they do not have their eyes closed in the photo. Furthermore, the camera is reported to be a whooping 13MP.


The evidence supporting the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner in Apple’s next generation iPhone is growing. The latest iOS 7 Beta includes biometric fingerprint scanning support. This in itself is a rather obvious indication that the next generation iPhone could very well include finger print scanning technology.

However, the fingerprint scanning technology could very well spell the end of the iconic home button, which could be replaced with an on-screen touch button.

More interesentingly there are rumours of a more affordble and compact iPhone, the iPhone 5C. Now thanks to the Chinese website weiphone.com we’ve been provided with some form of evidence regarding the iPhone 5C.


Now the image itself could be a fake. However, there has been a consistent rumour for some time now that Apple are set to produce a more affordable iPhone in order to compete with more low-cost smartphones on the market.

Here at Laptops.co.uk we’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5C could be Apple’s way of creating even greater revenues and will probably be available in a number of different colours and limited to 3G connectivity. T3 have revealed images of the iPhone 5C’s colourful buttons providing further evidence of a colourful, low-cost Apple smartphone.



More facts rumours surface that the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S, will be available in a rather snazzy gold colour. The information surfaced on Friday due to images leaked by Macboutic.



The rumour mill surrounding any iPhone is enormous to say the least. However, after eight years and five different versions of Apple’s beloved smartphone you can imagine that the rumour mill is bigger than ever before.

It is a possibility that Apple will release an iPhone 6 but considering the trend they’ve set in recent years it is most likely that the world will be shown the iPhone 5S very soon. If Apple follow their pattern of recent years the iPhone 5S will not differ much from the iPhone 5. However, there will be a number of slight tweaks.

There are numerous voices that suggest the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S could provide a 128GB option and possibly include a 64-bit processor. The former is more likely than the latter considering Apple began offering a 128GB option on the iPad 4 for the first time in February.

In terms of any other upgrades it is highly likely that the iPhone 5S will retain the 8MP rear camera but it will feature a larger f/2.0 aperture with dual LED flash. In short, this means more light will get through in turn improving image quality and low-light performance.

Now we bring you to the unlikely but intriguing possible features that the iPhone 5S could include. Images leaked recently of the iPhone 5S chassis seems to indicate that the new iPhone could house a fingerprint scanner in the home button. We understand it sounds something a little bit futuristic but it seems a possibility.

What has gained everyone’s attention is the extra space around the Home button, enough space for the technology needed to operate a fingerprint scanner. Apple are expected to unveil the iPhone 5S at an event on September 10th. However, between then and now we shall be keeping you up to date with the latest news surrounding the iPhone 5S.