Ultraslim hard drives bring 1TB capacity to tablets

It sounds quite incredible and well, quite honestly, that’s because it is. Thanks to the latest work of Seagate and Western digital we could be seeing 500GB or even 1TB hard drive’s within devices such as tablets, mobile phones and, in the further future, even watches. Remember, Samsung released their smartwatch recently. Seagate bring a 500GB and a 320GB hard drive to the table. The hard drives are so small they will fit into ultrabooks and even tablets. Labelled the Laptop Ultrathin HDD the device is just 5mm thick and weighs as little as 90g. Western digital up the ante in terms of storage size due to their WD Blue 1TB hard drive, which is 7mm thick and is quite proudly the world’s thinnest 2.5inch 1TB harddrive. These devices are yet to hit the UK market but considering US prices have been set we can estimate that the WD Blue 1TB will cost you between £110 and the Seagate 500GB Laptop Ultrathin HDD will set you back around £72.