Apple rumoured to be working on hybrid laptop

As speculation grows over the new range of Apple products, the latest rumours seem to suggest the technology giant could be working on a hybrid laptop-tablet device.

According to CNET, one source with connections in the Asian supply chain revealed there is an “internal debate” as to what the reported iPad Pro will be like. The discussion revolves around whether it’s “targeted for the notebook line, rather than the iPad line.”

The source added this only applied providing the product was actually in development as opposed to being in testing.

Rumours have been circulating that the latest iteration of the iPad could be a giant tablet, with a screen size of up to 13-inches. This could be due to rival Samsung’s recent release of the 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePro.

Samsung’s large device is being marketed as business-friendly, with a branded keyboard and mouse.

Another reported development is a 12-inch MacBook laptop, which could be the new iteration of the MacBook Air range.

The bigger-screened iPad device speculation could also be increasing in popularity due to the rumoured larger iPhone. The current display size of four inches is dwarfed by other popular smartphones and the iPhone 6 could be as much as 4.8 inches.