HTC rumoured to be making Google tablet

HTC is apparently going to be producing a Google-powered tablet.

According to a Taiwanese report, the technology giant has won the rights to manufacture a Nexus tablet, which will be “high-end”.

The report does not specify the size of the device, but TechRadar is speculating it will be either seven or ten inches across. However, it is expected such a product will go on sale in the third quarter of 2014.

HTC has not released a tablet in more than two years, so if the rumours prove to be true, it will mark a return to the market for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Google has not released a ten-inch tablet since 2012, so arguably it is due a refresh. However, if HTC has won the rights to the contract, then a Nexus 10 sequel is unlikely.

Another possibility for the tablet is that it could be a size currently not seen in the Nexus range. There have been rumours of a Nexus 8 being released this year. Alternatively, HTC might decide to rival firms such as Samsung with a bigger screen size, such as 12 inches like the recent Samsung Galaxy NotePro.