3D printers and huge tablets heading into schools

New technology that is set to make its way into schools in 2014 has been on display at the Bett show in London.

Among the new products are 3D printers, giant tablets and programmable robots, according to CNET.

The Galneo all-in-one touch whiteboard, which is essentially a giant tablet, was one of the highlights of the event. It boasts a 4K resolution – a feature that has generally only been found in televisions up to this point.

Also on display was the Alpha Touch, which has a 60-inch touchscreen and can be connected to any iOS, Android, Windows or Mac device to display content and teach lessons.

The WordWall device pairs a giant touchscreen with many smaller tablets that will allow pupils to answer questions asked by the teacher or see additional information on their personal displays.

New technology such as 3D printers could soon become a reality in the classroom, with manufacturers such as Makerbot displaying their latest models at the show. There were also 3D scanners and other such computer-aided design software on display.

Companies such as Lego and K’Nex presented robot-building kits and other technical devices, which teach the mechanics of production lines and pneumatics.