Gameover Zeus Steals Millions of Dollars

Following the Heartbleed scare, we now have reports of another, equally as terrifying piece of malware, known as Gameover Zeus, the malicious software that scaremongering says is set to steal all your money. The NCA is warning that now is the time to act to defend yourself as it is thought that thousands of computers might be infected.

What used to be the stuff of 90’s sci-fi movies is now reality. Hackers are stealing our money right out from under our noses. The total amount stolen so far is reported to be around 100 million dollars.

The international cyber war against Gameover Zeus, was headed by the FBI and they managed to identify the creator of the malware, as well as deal a blow to the network that supports it. Russian Evgeniy Mikhailovich, otherwise known as ‘lucky12345’ and ‘slavik’ online, has been accused of being responsible for the virus.

Having taken control of the main computer network that is the hub of the virus, the FBI managed to buy some time. Although the criminals are thought to muster again within a fortnight, the FBI are calling it a victory.

In the UK however, we are being told to take this time to ensure everything is protected. Password changes are encouraged, and ensuring all systems and anti-virus software are up to date, although this has always been good advice.