Panasonic Recall Items on Battery Fire Fear

Panasonic have recalled a series of laptops and tablets after some incidences of batteries overheating and igniting.

There were three cases of batteries overheating in two types of laptops – the CF-S10 and the CF-N10 series – which were sold to Asian-based consumers during 2011. Two of these occurred in Japan this year, and one in Thailand last year.

Laptops in Europe have been recalled as a precautionary measure, although there have been no cases of ignition here, and Panasonic also stressed that no one was hurt in the three incidents abroad.

In a second precautionary call back, they are recalling battery packs sold with their Panasonic Toughbook manufactured from June 2011 through to May 2012.

They will willingly replace the battery packs free of charge.

“Because of a manufacturing problem” says Panasonic in a statement on their website, “These particular battery packs may overheat and, in rare instances, cause the notebook to ignite… To prevent any accidents, Panasonic will replace these battery packs free of charge.”

The design fault is apparently caused by conductive materials becoming stuck to the battery seal and eventually burning it after many repeated uses.

For more information, or if you think this will affect you, you can call the Panasonic service on 0800 0884324.