Tech Thieves Target Schools

A Moston Primary school has become the most recent victim in a series of thefts across the Greater Manchester area.

Laptops and iPads were stolen from the school, using what is understood to be a hammer to break locks and access the school through a rear fire door.

A total of 25 laptops and 17 iPads were taken from the school, just the latest in a line of burglaries from schools across the region totalling £300,000.

One school lost 164 iPads and 50 laptops last year, while another was targeted twice in three months and lost 57 laptops to the burglars.

The head teacher of Moston Lane Primary school, Judy Kerton, described the act as “disgusting” and said that “it has taken us a long time to provide these resources for our pupils.”

In today’s technologically driven society, bringing children up learning through the medium of laptops and tablets is especially important as they will likely be using this kind of technology throughout their lives, including in their employment.

Forensic examinations have been carried out, but the police have not yet apprehended any suspects. They believe however that the stolen goods will most likely be sold on the black market, so they have asked anyone in the area who is offered suspicious goods to come forward as any information will be helpful.