Zuckerberg Comments on US Spying

The internet entrepreneur who created Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, commented on his site yesterday making a statement against the American Government and the spying scandal that was leaked by Edward Snowden last year.

The blog post Zuckerberg made followed a phone call he made to President Obama to “express [his] frustration over the damage the government is creating for all of our future” on the internet. Zuckerberg has fears that government spying will lead to mistrust of the internet.

Of course, Facebook itself is arguably one of the biggest data stores on all of us, but in defence of this, Zuckerberg wrote that “at Facebook, we spend a lot of our energy making our services and the whole internet safer… we encrypt communications, we use secure protocols for traffic, we encourage people to use multiple factors for authentication…”

To round up his rallying post, he added “Together, we can build a space that is greater and more important… than anything we have today.”

A worker for the NSA, Edward Snowden leaked important documents detailing the USA’s and UK’s spying to the media, and fled the country, last year.

When the scandal broke back in June 2013, it was reported that the National Security Agency (NSA) of America was collecting telephone records of millions of Americans. It was also published that the NSA had had access to some of the most major servers on the internet, including those belonging to Google, Microsoft, and, interestingly, Facebook.