Lenovo is Late with their 4K Screens

Lenovo’s first 4K screen laptops, the IdeaPad Y50 and Y40 have been shipped, but without their hyped up 4K resolution screens.

4K is the next step in screen resolutions, and promises much greater screen resolution. Although it has been developed into commercially available televisions and monitors, it has not yet made a solid jump to laptops.

Lenovo had promised this, with the release of the Y50 and the Y40. However, it would seem Lenovo have hit some difficulties, having released the laptops without the intended 4K screens.

This isn’t too shocking, as the ultra high resolution screens were promised as an optional extra, one that would significantly increase the price, but the Y50 has been released without this option.

This is disappointing for all those people who have been holding out for the impressive new screen, which, in conjunction with the Y50’s Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 860M graphics card and the 1TB hard drive, meant it was worth waiting on for a lot of people, particularly those who want it for gaming and for use with creative works.

Lenovo were also due to ship two 4K monitors in April, the ThinkVision 28 and the ThinkVision Pro2840m in April,. But these too are still not available.