SanDisk Announce Self encrypting X300s SSD

SanDisk, giants in the flash storage sector, have announced their latest Solid State Drive (SSD), the SanDisk X300s.

The X300s is an enterprise grade hard drive targeted for corporate use laptops, notebooks and PCs. It claims to have improved the read/write speed by using three different types of data storage. It uses a short term storage method alongside multi-level cells (MLC) and NAND flash for long term mass storage. It supplements these with a non-volatile flash cache, called the ncache.

SanDisk have claimed that the drive is self-encrypting, without inhibiting the read/write speeds, reporting speeds of 510/450MBps on the 512GB drive.

It comes in a 64GB, 128GB, 512GB or a 1TB version.

The X300s has several ways to reduce the likelihood of data loss. One method used is known as “thermal throttling” and simply reduces the drive’s performance in order to let it cool down, should the device begin to over heat. A combination of this and other factors form a combination that the company believes results in a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 2 million hours.

The SSD also comes with administrator dashboard software which manages drive security features and updates firm ware.

SanDisk recently launched the Optimus MAX SSD which sports 4TB of memory. Alongside this, they also promised a massive 8TB one by the end of the year.