Google unveil air drone delivery project


Google have unveiled their Project Wing, the development of airborne, unmanned, delivery drones.

Google X, the technology development branch of Google, has been working on creating flying drones that can deliver small packages quickly and easily.

Hopefully, they say, the technology they have developed will be able to help people in disaster zones, by shipping out small parcels of aid, such as food or batteries.

The drones don’t even need to land, delivering the goods by hovering in the air and dropping the parcels down on a wire, which can then be retracted, leaving the package on the ground.

The drones consist of 4 propellers, a wing span of five feet, computers, radios, cameras, and the ability to take off and land without any form of runway.

In addition to aid relief though, Google, understandably, want to monetise the venture. Amazon, similarly, are supposedly working on a drone system to deliver items to your door (and hopefully not your roof, neighbour’s garden, or through your car windscreen). Google, with all its resources, seem to want to place a stake in the air-drone market.

As with the Amazon Air project though, there are issues with air space rules and regulations, and this kind of delivery system may still be a while from becoming legal. However, Google X worker, Nicholas Roy, said in the reveal video: “Throughout history, there have been a series of innovations, which have each taken a huge chunk out of the friction of moving things around. Project Wing aspires to take another big chunk out of the remaining friction of moving things around in the world.”

The project has been underway secretly for the last two years and now a showcase video, detailing a field test, undertaken in Australia, has been released to get people excited over Google’s latest innovation.