New Moto 360 smart watch to be announced

The new Moto 360 smart watch is to be officially announced today (5th September) and will hopefully live up to the expectations that people have been waiting eagerly for.

The model has been designed to offer as much style as possible, something that other smart watches are arguably lacking.

To this end, the 360 has been built to look like a conventional watch, with a round face and a classic strap.

The water resistant device sports a 1.5inch (3.8cm) touchscreen, is powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system and can interact with Android phones running Android 4.3 or above.

Android Wear is built to be used with small screens, and so compensates wrist-sized display. It works through voice activation to use apps and it can show you all the information you need at any point by integrating itself with the Google Play Cards that is Android’s flagship feature.

Unfortunately, the display has a flat bottom in the screen to allow for some hardware components, including an ambient light sensor, giving the screen what has been described as a “flat tyre” look, which may ruin its stylish design for some people.

At the moment, it is unknown how much the watch will cost in the UK, but it ships for a reported $250 in the USA.

The announcements later this evening should clear up the price and any remaining questions.