4K smartphone screen created by Sharp

Sharp, the Japanese technology company, has created a smartphone with a screen capable of displaying images in 4K resolution, the first smartphone to do so.

With a 5.5 inch screen, there are 806 pixels per inch (ppi), well ahead of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, which has 557 ppi, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has 401 ppi.

Sharp is purportedly planning to put smartphones with 4K image resolution into mass production next year, with Chinese manufacturers likely to be the first customers.

However, people have been quick to highlight the necessity for an improved battery life in mobiles which are capable of such high screen resolutions, as the battery will be drained much quicker when having to power an ultra-high definition screen.

Sharp claim to have responded to this by making use of Igzo technology, which is used in displays and is more energy efficient than LCD displays which are silicon based. Tablets and smartphones typically use the LCD screens to offset the power demands of the phone.

Tim Coulling, of technology firm Canalys, said: “At a certain point, the improvements get less visually stunning. Once you jump from 2K to 4K, you’re going to struggle to tell the two images apart even if you have perfect vision.”
4K has become increasingly developed in recent times, with a number of TV manufacturers moving to develop TVs with a 4K resolution.