Samsung criticise tests which broke S6 Edge


Tests carried out by SquareTrade, who sell protection for smartphones, have produced results which they claim show the new Galaxy S6 Edge to be “just as bendable” as the iPhone 6 Plus, with a lower pressure point required before it breaks.

Their stress tests involved using machines to simulate the forces that may occur by keeping the phone in a back pocket on a pair of trousers. Their results found that with a force of 50kg applied, both phones deformed, with the S6 Edge’s screen actually cracking.

Samsung criticised the testing and called on SquareTrade to carry out the tests again. It said that the results of the test “may mislead customers” and therefore harm sales. Samsung stated its confidence that “under daily usage”, there would not be any bending of its phones.

However, SquareTrade responded by saying: “We welcome Samsung’s invitation to test its devices again with our Bendbot and release the results publicly.”

When Samsung unveiled the S6 Edge in September, the caption “Curved. Not bent.” was added on Twitter, in a reference to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which had come under criticism for suffering damage.

An independent expert, Francisco Jeronimo, stated that Samsung should learn from mocking its competitors, but that the S6 Edge is still durable.

“You’d need to put a lot of pressure in a very specific way to break it. But it demonstrates that every vendor needs to be very careful when they compare their devices because it can backfire on them.”

The S6 Edge will be available to buy in the UK and USA on 10 April.