EE recalls charger which is a fire risk

EE, the UK mobile phone company, is recalling a portable phone charger after a medical student was severely burnt by one which exploded.

Katy Emslie suffered severe burns after her charger exploded, setting fire to her floor.

EE have since said: “We have identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated, all of which relate to batch E1-06 (written as Model:E1-06), and could pose a fire safety risk. We are therefore recalling this batch, and requesting customers to stop using the Power Bar and return them to a local store at their earliest convenience.”

In April, EE started to give out a Power Bar smartphone charger to every customer, as well as allowing customers to exchange one which had ran out of battery for a fully charged one. It has a feature to show how much charge is left on a mobile phone, and lets users completely recharge a dead smartphone, albeit just once.

Five incidents have been identified where a Power Bar has overheated, and consequently one of the batches given out has been recalled, representing approximately 250,000 being returned. An estimated 1.5 million are in circulation, but only that batch was apparently affected.

Affected customers will be a offered a voucher for £20, which they can spend on accessories.