New guidelines for vlogger advertisement


The last ten years have been the decade of YouTube, and vloggers have ridden the wave to fame and riches, and become a staple of our everyday lives. Now, guidelines seem to finally be catching up, and are trying to regulate advertisements to make them more fair on viewers.

We’ve all experienced the adverts which pop up before a YouTube video, and waited for those tense first five seconds until we can hit the skip button. Some of us have also fallen to the dreaded un-skippable ads, and sat for twenty seconds or more until the advert releases us. But what can we do about the adverts that we aren’t even aware are happening.

Once these prominent internet stars became so iconic, advertisers used the opportunity to get their products starred in the videos as a form of advertisement.

Last year, a ruling was made by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) regarding a series of adverts on YouTubers’ channels for Oreo biscuits. The ASA said: “The ads must not appear again in their current form,” and that the manufacturers of Oreo must “ensure that future ads in this medium made their commercial intent clear prior to consumer engagement.”

Since then, different companies have been trying to make sure they don’t step over the line with videos, and no-one had any clear guide as to what was and wasn’t allowed.

Guidelines have been advised by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). The Co-editor of the online vlogger magazine, Alex Brinnand, welcomes the guidelines. He said: “I definitely feel there should be a clearer message given to users…. If YouTubers are doing it wrong it’s because they don’t know better.”