Samsung unveil latest new phones

Electronics giant Samsung has unveiled its two newest large-screen Android smartphones in New York, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

The high-end phones, classed as ‘phablets’ (due to their size being in-between that of a normal phone and a tablet), will be on sale on 21 August, earlier than previous generations have been.

The S6 Edge+ has a 5.7in quad High Definition AMOLED screen with curved edges, and has similar specifications to its 5.1in predecessor, the S6 Edge.

Although it uses the same processor as before, it has an extra 1GB of memory. Samsung also claim it is a more scratch-resistant screen than the smaller version.

The Note 5 has the same screen size as the Edge+, but it will not be sold in Europe (for not at least), due to marketing reasons. It will initially be launched in America and Asia.

They will both be able to support the ultra-high quality audio (UHQA) format, to reduce sound distortion, as well as a feature in their camera app which allows users to stream 1080p HD videos to YouTube, and send invites to certain contacts.

They will also support Samsung Pay, which goes live in South Korea on 20 August, and will allow users to carry out contactless payments with their phones.

Samsung has struggled lately to compete with Apple and LG, among others, experiencing five successive drops in quarterly profits. However, Samsung has still shipped more smartphones than any other firm.