New parent company Alphabet created to streamline Google


The internet giant, Google, has unveiled it will undergo a significant overhaul, which will see its ambitious research sectors split from its core business, all of which be owned by a new company, Alphabet Inc.

Google will become one subsidiary of Alphabet, Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, announced. He and the other founder, Sergey Brin, will no longer be involved in Google’s day-to-day running. Sundar Pichai will become the CEO of Google, whilst Mr Page becomes the CEO of Alphabet.

Alphabet is a collection of companies, the largest being Google, which will now be slimmed down and made more efficient. The parts of Google that aren’t related to the internet projects, such as Calico and Life Sciences, will now become separate companies under the direction of Alphabet and not Google, allowing Google to focus on its major internet projects.

The restructuring has come as a bit of a surprise for many, and more details can be expected over the next few weeks.

However, there are some potential problems, as BMW, the German carmaker, already has a registered business named Alphabet. BMW owns the web domain ‘’ as well as the Twitter username ‘@Alphabet’, and announced there will be an examination into the trademark implications of Google’s new company.

Mr Page said in a blog post announcing the news: “From the start, we’ve always strived to do more, and to do important and meaningful things with the resources we have,” adding Alphabet will make Google’s activities “cleaner and more accountable.”