Beatles set to hit streaming services after long absence

Spotify web player

Finally, the Beatles are coming to a streaming service near you.

It has been hard to convince my mum that streaming services are much better in terms of value and range compared to her old CDs, when the first thing she asks me to play is Hey Jude.

The band have left a pretty significant hole in the streaming market, but now their catalogue is going to become available on nine different streaming services.

Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Prime Music are among those who are going to be able to bring the old favourite to our devices.

Co-founder of music site CMU, Chris Cooke, said: “In terms of digital, the Beatles have always been quite late to the party. They came to iTunes ion 2010, which was a good five years after the iTunes Music Store started gaining momentum.

“We had expected they would probably do an exclusive deal to stream their music with one service, but it looks like instead they are going to be pretty much everywhere from day one.

“So, I suppose that is them accepting that streaming is now a very serious, significant part of the record industry.”

224 tracks are to be available from Christmas Eve, from the original 13 studio albums which were released in the UK.

With the amount of streamed tracks set to surpass 25 billion this year, almost doubling from 13.7 billion in 2014, there is no denying that streaming is the way forward. Although the Beatles have been slow on the uptake, it is good to know they will now be available whenever and wherever you are.