Top eight tech gifts for Christmas 2015

Christmas gifts

You need to pick up some last-minute gifts for Christmas, but with time running short, what should you get? We’ve chosen our top eight technology products that we saw in 2015, to help you decide what presents to get in that last minute dash.

Of course, we can’t include all the gadgets in the universe, and many great ones miss out on our list, but these are some that stuck in our minds the most.

1 – iPad Pro

This latest iPad offering from Apple may not be very cheap, costing £679 for the 32Gb version with Wi-Fi, but its capabilities are astounding. At a huge 12.9 inches, this massive tablet is almost a replacement for a desktop.

Perfect for someone looking to use a huge tablet for movies, using the internet and writing emails, you can also buy an Apple Pencil stylus if you wish. If you want a more mobile tablet, you would be best off looking at other options such as the iPad Air.

iPad Pro Plus
Courtesy of Amazon

2 – Misfit Shine

This waterproof fitness tracker is able to record your activity during the day and also logs information about your sleep. Connected to your smartphone via an app, you can wear this all day long, even in the shower, and forget you are even wearing it due to how light and comfortable it is.

Made of nicer materials than the cheaper Misfit Flash alternative, this is a good way for you to keep track of your exercise each day, and set goals for you to reach. Another bonus is it never needs charging, with the replaceable battery lasting approximately six months, and overall the device costs in the region of £50.

Misfit Shine

3 – Anker Ultra Slim Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

This popular iPhone 6 and 6s accessory from Anker can provide 120 to 140 per cent more battery life, helping to prevent your iPhone from dying whilst on the go, as well as protecting it like a good case should.

The case is very slim, and the 2,850mAh integrated battery can hold another 12 hours’ worth of charge for web browsing, or 60 hours’ worth of charge for audio listening. Everyone knows the struggle of getting a smartphone to last the whole day between charges, and this case makes achieving that much easier.

Similarly helping to deal with battery life, for users of the iPhone 5/5s, we are a big fan of the Patriot Fuel iON wireless charging case.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

4 – Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft Windows

Windows claim this is the tablet that can replace your laptop, and prices start at £749. With a 12.3 inch PixelSense display, the screen is high quality. It also weighs just 0.77kg, making it a highly versatile device.

Marketed as a mobile workstation, the Surface Pro 4 is quiet, able to run multiple programs, has a multi-position kickstand and lasts for nine hours, allowing you to get through the work day from one charge. It runs Windows and Office brilliantly, and can become a companion you couldn’t do without.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

5 – Amazon Fire TV Stick

With this nifty little device, you can stream services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and HBO Now, along with many other options. Costing around £40 (plus however much to rent content or subscribe to Amazon’s different media services), you can use this to stream your favourite TV shows, games and movies in minutes – all you need to do is plug it in and be connected to the internet.

It has a dual-core processor, 8Gb of storage and 1Gb of memory. You can also purchase it with a voice remote included, which allows you to speak into the remote to find movies, TV shows and games.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

6 – iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are undeniable giants of the market. With a high price, they come with what is arguably the best quality, and are strong contenders for the best smartphone around. A 64Gb version of the 6s is available for around £619 typically, and is able to run incredibly quickly.

With a beautiful design, and a fancy new 3D Touch feature, you will love the 6s. Admittedly the battery life isn’t as good as you would hope, but it is still a great purchase. For a more in-depth review, check out our review on it.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

7 – Canon EOS 7D Mark II

This camera is excellent, quite simply. Available at an amateur price but with expert capabilities, if you’re passionate about photography then you will love this DSLR. With a 3 inch monitor, optical viewfinder, 10 frames per second continuous shooting and 1080p movies, the amateur market now has a major player.

An all-round camera that is tough and has weather-sealed controls, this 20.2 megapixel APS-C sensor camera is available for around £420. The main downside is just that there is no built-in Wi-Fi.

Courtesy of John Lewis
Courtesy of John Lewis

8 – Lightsaber selfie stick

Last, but by no means least, is this selfie stick in the design of a lightsaber. Admittedly a pretty cheesy gift, with all the hype about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we couldn’t help but add this in to conclude our list.

For just £20, you can extend the stick to approximately 40 inches, and adjust the angle of your phone to make sure you capture the perfect picture. A great feature of this lightsaber selfie stick is the ability to connect it to your phone to take photos by simply pressing a button on the handle.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon