Cyber attack threat sees thousands of websites go offline

cyber attack

Web host Moonfruit has taken thousands of personal and business websites offline after being threatened with a major cyber attack.

The company, based in the UK, decided to stop its customers’ websites being available from 10am GMT today after being threatened with an attack. Moonfruit said this would be for “up to 12 hours”, as they make changes to the infrastructure.

The company recently suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, on 10 December, when its computers were purposely overwhelmed with traffic, so that its computers would not be able to serve its genuine users.

Moonfruit is apologising to its customers via email about the short notice they have been given that their websites would be temporarily offline.

Reece de Ville, a film maker, said: “[Moonfruit] have been slow to communicate via their website what is going on. I’m going to have hundreds of people finding my site today but not being able to access it.”

“I could be losing out on a lot of money from potential clients, and they may not come back if they think the company has gone. It’s incredibly bad timing, especially for businesses selling Christmas cards and gifts on their website.”

Moonfruit allows customers to make free websites, with a free website builder provided by the company.