iPhone 7: Apple file self-healing technology patent


The latest Apple technology offers the iPhone 7 ultimate environmental protection. Year on year, the iPhone improves in size and display and is made slimmer and slimmer. Apple is now working on creating a waterproof smartphone.

A patent filled back in June 2014 has been published by USPTO shows that Apple are working upon:

“a self-healing elastomer applied over one or more external electronic connectors.”

The patent is yet to be granted.

This type of technology ensures that the device is protected against water, dust, debris and other damaging materials from entering and damaging any ports within the iPhone 7. The patent focuses upon a type of rubber that is dubbed a “self-healing elastomer” that can,  lose and regain its shape.

For example, if the elastomer seal was covering the earphone jack of the iPhone 7, which is also rumoured to be overhauled, it would open when a plug is pushed into the jack. Once the plug is removed the elastomer would return to its original shape and re-cover the port. This would ensure the port is protected.

This latest patent is an extra layer of protection that ties in with Apple’s employment of a waterproof logic board, employed in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Although the phones are not considered water resistant they do stand up well to water. Furthermore, USPTO approved and published one of Apple’s patents that will use sound to eject liquids from speakers.

Together, the technologies would lead to a completely waterproof iPhone 7. Although, Apple is yet to announce the roll-out of self-healing technology in any of its devices, and not all of Apple’s innovations make it to the production line.

If you want to see a similar piece of self-healing technology in action, check out LG’s G Flex Phone.

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