Tech-savvy Britons make the best use of on demand services

The UK is a very tech-savvy country when it comes to watching TV, and we will be making a lot of use out of on demand services.

70% of UK adults used an on demand TV service like the BBC iPlayer, or 4oD throughout September and October, according to a survey, which equates to roughly 31 million people.

Furthermore, 16% of those used a tablet to do so.

According to Ofcom, this wasn’t a one off high, and that these numbers are part of a rising trend which will continue throughout Christmas and the festive period.

As technology has grown, it has been able to connect us to the entertainment we love at our own convenience.

However, this is only the beginning of the transition, and watching TV live as it is broadcast is still by far the most popular method of viewing.

It does mean, however, that many of us won’t be trying to work the Christmas celebrations around the TV this year, and won’t be tied to the whims of the broadcasters.

“More than anywhere else, we’re watching TV and films at a time that suits us, on a range of devices in and out of the home,” said Ofcom director of research, James Thickett.

9,000 participants took part in the survey, including people from France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden, the US and Australia. Residents of the UK apparently use more on demand services than any of these other countries.

Of course, digital viewing isn’t limited to what is on TV, whether live or on catch-up, you can check out what we think are the must see films and shows on Netflix this Christmas here.

So if the Doctor Who Christmas special is a must see in your family, this year you don’t need to worry about getting the turkey eaten in time to settle down on the sofa, take your time and catch it online after.