Xbox Live and PlayStation Network may go down at Christmas


A team of hackers known as Phantom Squad took down Xbox Live for a few hours last night, and have threatened to take it down again, along with the PlayStation Network (PSN), over Christmas.

The hacker group is claiming it can take both online gaming services down for as long as a week, which could be havoc over the festive period as millions of people attempt to play games and stream films online, among other things.

The attacks appear to be distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which is when a server receives a huge number of requests, becoming overwhelmed, and resulting in outages.

In simple English, there is too much traffic to a site for it to cope, so it crashes.

The claimed motive for the attacks was that it was a response to PlayStation and Xbox having weak security in place, indicating Phantom Squad took action to highlight this.

Last year at Christmas, millions of gamers were left frustrated after another hacking group, Lizard Squad, claimed responsibility for taking PSN and Xbox Live down for a couple of days.

“Why do we take down PSN and Xbox Live? Because cyber security does not exist… Some men just want to watch PSN and Xbox Live burn,” Phantom Squad reportedly said, when asked why they wanted to take the gaming networks down.