BT to re-enter mobile phone market

Offering a range of 4G options, the UK’s largest broadband provider, BT, has announced that it will be returning to the mobile phone market in the UK.

BT will be providing services in collaboration with EE, whom it currently has a partnership with, but is attempting to purchase outright. Only Sim-card deals will be offered, with no announcements on handsets having been made yet.

The cheapest option will cost current BT customers just £5 per month, and will consist of 200 minutes for calls and a 500MB 4G data allowance. There is also the intention to offer customers access to football games, a move which could vastly benefit the company.

Customers will be offered the opportunity to watch Premiership matches (which BT already has the rights for), using a mobile app. This will be independent of whether those who have signed up for a BT Mobile contract are also broadband customers.

A director at CCS Insight, a telecoms consultancy firm, said: “An entry tariff of £5 a month will grab headlines, but inclusive access to BT Sport and five million Wi-Fi hotspots offers important differentiation in a cut-throat field.”

However, BT has said that we will have to wait for its projected £12.5 billion takeover of EE to be completed before further information is announced.

The rival broadband provider, Sky, has also declared its intention to join the mobile market, with a service offering a bundle of mobile, TV, landline phone and internet services planned, but not due until 2016.