Nintendo to create mobile games

Nintendo, the Japanese gaming giant, has announced that it will be creating games for smartphones in collaboration with DeNA, a fellow Japanese developer.

They also intend to develop an online service where members are able to access their accounts on numerous systems, such as computers, laptops and smartphones.

The gaming apps industry was worth a staggering £18 billion in 2014, based on consumer spending, compared to just over £2 billion for handheld consoles’ games. With so many people now owning smartphones and tablets, the app industry is incredibly strong.

However, some Nintendo fans may be left disappointed by their decision to not transfer across games that have already been released, on systems such as the 3DS and Wii U. But, although their main concentration will be on creating brand new games for mobile devices, their intellectual property, such as Super Mario, could still be developed.

“The main challenge will be knitting together the cultures of both companies,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, of analysts IHS, “And aligning the speed of development and iteration that is needed in the mobile space with Nintendo’s more patient and systematic approach to games content production.”

“Nintendo’s decision to partner with DeNA is a recognition of the importance of the games app audience to the future of its business.”