Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has curved screen

One of the versions of Samsung’s new S6 will feature a screen that curves around its sides, and will be available to buy on April 10 in the UK and 19 other countries.

Available at a higher price than the standard Galaxy S6 (which has the same specifications but a normal screen), the S6 Edge will allow users to identify who is contacting them quicker than before, and also view certain information, using the curved part of the screen. The two services the curve provides are:

People Edge, which will allow users to quickly access texts, calls and other messages from up to five contacts of their choice. Each contact will have a different colour, which flashes, enabling the user to quickly identify who is contacting them even when their phone is face down.

Information Stream, which is where the weather, time and other desired notifications are displayed on the curved part of the screen.

The main focus for Samsung since the S5 has been creating new designs (such as the curved screen), upgrading multiple aspects of the cameras and also adding built-in support for charging wirelessly.

The phones have been quite significantly redesigned, with a glass back and metal frame being introduced. Therefore, the phones are no longer water-resistant, do not have a MicroSD slot and the backs are no longer removable, preventing users from replacing batteries.

However, they will now recharge faster (30 minutes to go from 0 to 50 per cent), have an increased screen resolution, a more energy-efficient processor and also Samsung Pay (initially only for the US and South Korea), a feature that allows users to pay with their phone like a credit card.