AuraVisor to compete with Oculus Rift as new VR tech bursts onto market

A new virtual reality gaming headset is about to hit the market, and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Facebook’s Oculus Rift. A Kickstarter campaign is currently after backing to get a fully tested and production-ready VR device, AuraVisor, manufactured and shipped.

The Oculus Rift has been a long-awaited product, and it seems that in the time it has been waiting to come out onto the market, others have taken up the challenge of producing a consumer efficient and technologically impressive VR device.

One of the boasted qualities of the AuraVisor is that it is a straight-out-the-box product. The device is self contained, and requires no computer, smart phone, or external device to help it to run. With lithium ion batteries, integrated WiFi and its own Bluetooth controller, you can pick the device up and use it immediately.

Furthermore, it is linked to the Google Play store, and has support for a number of popular video apps, chief among them YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. It also supports gaming engines Such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

The digital world is raring to go to town with this new tech, and it is just in the final, difficult pushes to make it a reality. 360 degree videos are making waves on the net, and are begging for VR tech to become available for everyday use so that they can be made the most of. It is a strange situation in which the media has been created before the best hardware suited to view it is.

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, it is possible to pledge different amounts to the project to see it off the ground, and the more a person pledges, the better reward they get. Ranging from a t-shirt for £15, to three headsets and three controllers for £460 (which gives a hefty chunk off the MSRP), to a £5,000 pledge which gives access to a wholesale distribution bundle, there are many different tiers to suit the reward you want. The most popular is the simple one AuraVisor headset with one controller and 16Gb memory card.

The two devices, AuraVisor and Oculus Rift are set to be shipped at a similar time, the Oculus in the first quarter of 2016, and the AuraVisor in April 2016, but with the ability to pre-order both of the devices, the market is very much alive right now.