Tag Heuer unveil first step into smartwatch market

Smart watch connected to a phone

2015 saw the smartwatch market rear up and take us by storm. We have long seen wearable tech in the form of fitness trackers, and other tech, but now we can truly say we have smart and wearable technology.

Unfortunately, this is bad news for companies who depend on the ‘real estate’ of the wrist, as they will be losing market to more tech savvy businesses. That is, unless they too evolve.

This is exactly what Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer have done, unveiling their $1,500 Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch.

Having put all their skill as renowned and respected watch makers into creating a luxury wearable, it is no surprise that it is a premium and high quality product.

But will this be make or break for Tag Heuer and Apple?

The demographic that Tag Heuer normally aims for, are also the demographic that are more likely to buy into the Apple brand, but the catch is that Apple won’t allow a 3rd party to use their software or connect with their iOS through a wearable.

Google, on the other hand, are happy for other companies to use their software and promote their Android operating system.

Consequently, the Tag Connected runs Android Wear, and will be available for use with Android phone.

The chief executive of Tag Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver reportedly told the BBC earlier in the year that it would be “absurd and arrogant” for the Swiss company to attempt to create their own OS, which was likely a smart move as it would have been difficult to compete with other watches while trying to get a brand new OS up and running.

The main selling point of the Tag Connected, however, is the option for customers to trade it in for a more traditional analogue watch (albeit, for an extra $1,500) later on, when they grow bored of it, or when wearable technology has evolved so much that they wish to get a new smartwatch.

With watchmakers taking note of the market, it is more likely that smartwatches will continue to evolve, with the experience of long-standing watch makers behind it.

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