Apple unveils new iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and Apple TV products

A larger iPad tablet, two new iPhones and a TV box which has its own app store have all been unveiled by Apple at its traditional September presentation.

The iPad Pro, which has a 12.9 inch display, will be most suited to video games, work tasks, movie editing and watching films. It is hoped this will reinvigorate sales, after iPad sales fell 19 per cent between the beginning of October 2014 and the end of June this year, compared to the previous year.

According to Apple, the iPad should run for 10 hours of use after being charged, and will be launched with the option of a keyboard which connects to the tablet magnetically. There is also a stylus (the Apple Pencil) option, with both of these accessories costing extra.

The iPad will be available in November, and prices will range from $799 to $1,079 (£520 to £702), depending on the memory space and 4G connectivity. It is 1.8 times faster than the iPad Air 2.

The Apple TV, a newer set top box, will have a new operating system (OS). It will include Siri, the voice command feature, a touch-surface remote and its own App Store, with Apple hoping developers create apps for it. It is also able to play video games.

It will be available in October, with it costing between $149 and $199 depending on how much memory space you select.

The iPhone 6 receives an ‘S’ added, with the 6S and 6S Plus unveiled at Apple’s presentation. They include faster processors, new colour options, 4K video resolution, improved cameras and a 3D touch feature which lets you access extra features on the screen.

They can be pre-ordered from 12 September, and will be available in stores from 25 September. Prices range from £539 to £789.