Researchers look to combat Android apps draining power

American researchers are trying to find a solution to power-hungry apps on Android phones which are draining batteries even when the phones are in ‘sleep’ mode.

Some apps check for updates regularly, and whilst sleep mode cannot prevent battery loss, these apps can be responsible for 30 per cent of the power loss that occurs during sleep mode.

As a result the team from Purdue University has developed a Hush tool, which is free and will only allow the most frequently used apps to check-in whilst the phone is in sleep mode.

After analysing 2,000 handsets’ power consumption patterns, the researchers found that poorly written apps wasted energy by not allowing the phone to return to its sleeping state once the apps had checked for an update.

Professor Y. Charlie Hu said: “They are not letting the phone go back to sleep because of software bugs and, specifically, due to the incorrect use of Android power control application programming interfaces called wakelocks.”

The phone batteries lasted approximately 15 per cent longer when they used Hush, compared to when they did not use Hush, according to early results. Professor Hu stated that the aim of the team is to end up doubling the battery life of a smartphone, through making it more efficient and less wasteful.