Facebook goes down twice in one week

Social media giant Facebook was down for approximately 40 minutes on Monday, the second time in just a week that the website has gone down, having also crashed for a short period the previous Thursday.

Going down for even just a short amount of time can cause changes to markets. Company shares were down to $89.25 (£58.83), a fall of almost 4 per cent, shortly after the crash.

With nearly 1.5 billion users across the globe, the outage would have affected a huge number of people, and as aforementioned, share prices have been affected.

An engineer at the company revealed the problem was related to its Graph API. Essentially, this is the term Facebook uses to describe the core of its system. Statuses and photos are all connected to pages, groups and people through the Graph, which is what failed.

Facebook admitted tinkering by its engineers had caused the outage last time it happened, and although it is likely the same thing has caused this latest crash, it will have been frustrating for shareholders and users.

Other companies which use data from Facebook, such as internet dating site Tinder, can also be affected by the company going down.

The problems have also seen Facebook’s photo-sharing sister site, Instagram, go down.