Facebook release exclusive Star Wars 360 degree video

Facebook have premiered their exclusive 360 degree Star Wars video to churn up some extra hype for both the much anticipated new film coming out in December this year, and the new omnidirectional video software available on the social media site.

360 degree videos are a new technology, one which is incredibly immersive and fun, if not a bit disconcerting the first time you view one. With the ability to look in all directions (usually by clicking and dragging on the video screen), 360 videos are a big step forward for a society which is obsessed with digital content and vloggers.

Although YouTube seem to be slightly ahead of the game on 360 videos, Facebook have launched them on the site with a very good marketing exclusive. The hype and love of the Star Wars film franchise will ensure that this debut on the social media platform will get widely shared.

However, the benefit that YouTube have over Facebook is that Facebook’s 360 videos aren’t available on mobiles yet. Mobiles can really enhance the video style with motion controls, rather than the rather clunky and archaic click and drag interface desktops and laptops have to use.

Where this technology is heading, or what it might bring is unknown, but with the Oculus Rift, a device that Facebook have bought ownership of, and rivals such as the HTC Vive set to be coming onto the market within the next few years, the possibilities are wide.