Cyber security course to pay attendees £250 a week


GCHQ, the UK intelligence agency, is holding Cyber Summer Schools this year and will pay students attending it £250 each week.

Students must be at least 18 years old during the course, which will help them to develop their cyber skills and teach them about the work done by GCHQ to combat cyber threats. A range of technologies will be covered at the courses, and attendees will be able to learn from experts in cyber security.

With the rise of cyber attacks, and the huge threats they can be to millions of people, it is essential to be as protected as possible. With our reliance on technology increasing every day, the damaging effect a cyber attack can have on our society also increases.

This course therefore aims to help increase the number of cyber security experts in the UK to help protect the country from attacks.

Professor Mark Ryan, a cryptography expert at the University of Birmingham, said: “It is good that GCHQ is doing this, it increases the number of people that are learning about cyber security.”

“We do have a cyber security skills gap where we just aren’t training enough people in cyber security,” he continued.

The courses will be for six weeks, and are available in four locations – The Thames Valley, Scarborough, Cheltenham and the Manchester area. Students must also have at least five GCSEs at grade C or above, and either be on track to get, or already have, 2 A levels (or equivalent) at Grade C or above to apply.

Full information can be found on the GCHQ careers website.