Drones may be used in terrorist attacks


The Oxford Research Group has issued a warning that drones, which can be bought on the high-street, could potentially be used by terrorists to carry out deadly attacks.

Commercially available, theses drones could be turned into ‘flying bombs’, causing chaos across the UK and other places around the world. They could target the cars of important figures, political embassies, or even hit nuclear power stations, the report suggests.

More than 200 drones were analysed by the researchers, which had been bought either online or in a shop, and they said: “The technology of remote-control warfare is impossible to control.”

There have already been instances of unauthorised drone use, such as Hezbollah using drones to violate Israeli air space, and an anti-nuclear activist flying a drone onto the Japanese prime minister’s office, with the drone containing radioactive sand.

“Drones are a game changer in the wrong hands,” said the report’s lead author, Chris Abbott. “The government needs to take this threat seriously and commit to a range of countermeasures that still allow for legitimate commercial and personal use.”

“The use of drones for surveillance and attack is no longer the purview of state militaries alone. A range of terrorist, insurgent, criminal, corporate and activist groups have already shown their desire and ability to use drones against British targets,” he continued.