Head of Tesla talks of an impending iCar


Throughout the company’s lifetime, Apple has forced the handset market to take the shape that it wanted, and, according to Elon Musk, head of Tesla, the tech giant may now be producing a car.

Rumours have circulated for a while that Apple may be ‘secretly’ producing an electric car, rumours which were fanned into a frenzy by Apple registering certain car-related domain names online, including apple.car, and apple.auto.

However, in an interview with the BBC, Elon Musk describes Apple’s supposed work on such a car to be an “open secret”, and seemed fairly un-fazed by the fact that they may produce an electric car to rival the models that his company, Tesla, have innovated.

Musk said that the arrival of a company like Apple into the niche for electric cars in the automobile industry (a niche that he arguably carved out) would not be a worry. “It will expand the industry,” he said, and spoke about how his company, Tesla, was a catalyst for the industry to turn its back on fossil fuels.

Whether or not we can say that Apple are creating an ‘iCar’ for definite has to wait until a public announcement, however, the reports that they have been aggressively recruiting engineers and specialists from different companies compel speculation that there is something major in the works.